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what the GET of the GET office means…

Global Talent
Develop Human Resources, exhibiting business skills and mindsets, appropriate to the global business environment

Engaged to Organization
Build attractive organizations that the employees are fully committing to

Team, creating High Performance, Change and Reformation

Thus, the above three core messages are shown in”GET”

GET is inevitable for the companies to survive severe competitions, among the competitors, intensify more and more.
It can be said the Human Resources and Organizations, creating new businesses, that would answer for your companies growth, In addition to the gualified products and services.

Is the following checklist applicable to your case?

  • Tasks are more increasing and accumulated, bound by long hours meetings.
  • The length of working extra hours doesn’t reflect on outcome.
  • Meetings are not revitalized, left a little to be desired.
  • Decisions are made very slowly, and those processes are invisible, in addition to inefficient meetings
  • (Action) plans resulted from meetings wouldn’t be carried out.
  • New managers are not getting along with their members.
  • More and more employees do not tend to become a manager.
  • Japanese employees are not getting work along with foreign staffs, though they have abilities in English.
  • Globalization is expected, but who never knows what to realize that in reality.
  • Business Heads, those vision of “change”, couldn’t be permeated through their members.
  • Nothing has been changed, though “change” was cried in a loud voice.
  • Managers are difficult to assess their member’s performance severely, and can’t give them feedback properly, because managers don’t know how to do “feedback”, as a result, members wouldn’t agree with performance review.
  • It is difficult to understand what employees intend to tell, because of the irrational ways of speaking.
  • It is few exchange of information among departments.
  • Employees wouldn’t work together,and looked disconnected.
  • It is not able to depict future vision.
  • It seems that employees wouldn’t be joyful to come to work.
  • Experienced employees, those motivation are going down.
  • The more business recovers, the much employees might start to leave the company.

Those who are applicable to the three of the above checklist, would be suitable for, and highly recommended “GET” program.

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