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Our Trainer Profile

Masahiro Tsuruta

Name: Masahiro Tsuruta

Expertise: People/ Organization Development & Change

1998-2003: Led 700 projects to change the leadership style and productivity of Japanese Life Insurance company after M&A by General Electric Company

2003-2005: Built strong Sales & Service team as Business Partner HRin Hiring, Assessment, Evaluation, Assignment and Retention at GE Healthcare

2005-2009: As Master trainer at GE Crotonville, trained 8,000 employees with Leadership, Business skills, Organization development etc. , and also supported over 500 companies in consulting, training and facilitation to enhance their business productivity

2009-2014: Worked for a global automobile company to develop global talents and to accelerate high-performance culture penetration

Now: Become independent; the business owner and the chief trainer of GET Office

DiSC certified instructor

[Chief Clients (Titles omitted)]

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Universal Studios Japan
Phoenix Seagaia Resort
Toyota Motor Corporation
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
TEPCO(Tokyo Electric Power Company)
GE(General Electric)
Unilever Japan
Tiffany Japan
Burberry Japan

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